AllProxy Lite

AllProxy Lite 1.8

AllProxy is a powerful proxifier and a proxy configuration tool
2.5.723 (See all)

AllProxy Lite is a proxifier and a proxy configuration tool. You can setup facebook proxy, youtube proxy, socks proxy or any other kind of proxys. You can connect to most popular proxy servers with custom proxy settings. It's easy to bypass proxy, unblock proxy, redirect all network connections using anonymous proxy, your own proxy list or proxy sites.
AllProxy Lite features
Independent rules with indicating proxy settings, list of applications and remote destinations;
Connection filtering by applications and remote destination addresses;
Rules priority support;
Support of IP protocol versions v4 and v6;
DNS or IP addresses support;
Compatibility with proxy server types: Http, Socks v.4, Socks v.5;
Single click proxy testing;
Wide list of tested and compatible applications;
Multi-language interface.

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